… let’s celebrate us …

... let's celebrate us ...
Andy, aka sn00psta xstar, Yes, he does exist, would say Valentine's is a made-up holiday. It's stupid. Ridiculous. I say, let's celebrate us anyway! I always recognize the day and tell him how much he means to me. I know he knows, but I say the words anyway. I say them out loud. A declaration. No matter how stupid or ridiculous he may think it is. Why? Because he matters and.. we just never know when life is going to turn on a dime. COVID as an example. Death as another. Cancer, car wreck, loss of job or family member. Things happen to deter us from the path we think we choose to follow. During the difficult times we lean on each other and sometimes forget to express the good we have. In truth, Andy makes an effort to show his love for me every day. He has left me a morning message every day since I've met him with few exceptions. He is loyal and kind and rarely expresses in the way I do. But I know, he loves me because of his actions. They speak loud and clear. I really don't need to celebrate Valentine's Day in the traditional sense, but it is fun to decorate for the holiday! Until next time ...
Scarlet Creative Saturday Refreshed Skybox -Revisited for the Saturday Sale
The Saturday Refreshed Skybox and Ground Version 75L  17 LI Fits 1024 Plots up 16 x 17M 
Mod + Copy
Out through to Sunday too

Scarlet Creative Saturday Refreshed Skybox Furniture - Optional furniture pack included for 199L 

Scarlet Creative Sienna Sectional Sofa
Scarlet Creative Barton Rug 1
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Stove Enamel - Greem
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Cab 1 - Green
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Cab 2 - Green
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Cab 2R - Green
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Cab 4 - Green
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Larder  - Green
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Island - Green
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Long BackSplash- Dark
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Range Hood - Dark
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Sink - Green
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Pendant Lamp - Copper
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Stool - Dark Wood
Scarlet Creative Cotswold Vintage Medium Shelf - Rustic
Scarlet Creative Great Elm Chair White and Gold
Scarlet Creative Karlek Wall Art
Scarlet Creative Love Apples Cake Large
Scarlet Creative Painswick Book Pile 1
Scarlet Creative Painswick Book Pile 2
Scarlet Creative Sienna Marble Coffee Table
Scarlet Creative Simple Wood Dining Table

Valentines Shop & Hop free items
[Aleutia] Be My Valentine Frames
{Mirage} Heart Sticks - Red
ACORN Cheers Text -Rose
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Strawberry Breakfast Tray - Hazelnut
Noveny - Valentines Hanging Frames - GIFT
MadPea Panda Lamp

Elm Valentines Hunt Items
Elm. Valentine's Hunt Gift #8//Heart Garland
Elm. Valentine's Hunt Gift #3//Cupcakes
Elm. Valentine's Hunt Gift #9//Heart Cushions
Elm. Valentine's Hunt Gift #12//Heart Wall Decor
Elm. Valentine's Hunt Gift #2//Candles

Mithral * Ficus Audrey (Pack C) - Saturday Sale

Dahlia - Carrie's Cosmo - Drink Dispener - MyStory Version
Dahlia - Candy Heart  - Confetti
Dahlia - Candy Heart - Balloons

15 Fancy Decor + KraftWork Fete d'hiver: Finger Food Tray
Fancy Fall Renouveau Arm Chair
Fancy Fall Renouveau Decanter
Fancy Fall Renouveau Tied Books
Fancy Fall Renouveau Floor Lamp - Gold
Fancy Fall Renouveau Slim Notebook - Midnight
Fancy Fall Renouveau Notebook & Phone

Nutmeg. Casual Wooden Armchair


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