… No one can lift me, catch me the way that you do…

… those that play games with another heart, surely will be playing them alone…

… learn something new, visit a museum…

… when life gives you lemons, what do you do with them? …



on location – West of the Rain
pose -RKPoses_Bastard_1

tatto – .Reckless. – Sticks and Stones
ear plug – [MANDALA]Stretched EARS-OMIMI
hair – *Dura-Boys&Girls*57(Dark Brown)-DB
coat.vest.shirt – ::K:: Noble Coat Homme Camel
glasses – K_gs Dodds – Kumaki – Sunglasses
jewelry – ///BENJAMINZ/// BRACLET & RING / GOLD/
watch – [Bad Unicorn] “Gold” Pharaoh Watch
jeans – not so bad . mesh . PAOLO jeans
trainers -[ VERSOV ] LOPOV_Sneakers_White & Red

.. I wonder what he will do next ..


On Saturday, December 3rd, Snoop will be at the 3 Million Post Code Drawing. What is that you ask? I never heard of it either, this is not something we do here in the states. But in England, you sign up for a monthly lottery. Each month a new Post Code is choosen, simliar to a Zip Code here in America and my best friend and lover has a ticket! What is exciting is they call you the week before to let you know your Post Code has been choosen and a Golden Invite has been sent to your home. With this ticket you recieve VIP access to the lottery drawing. Everyone is guarenteed at least 500o Pounds or 6246 dollars. Here’s the kicker, it could be FOR MORE! Soooo he has known for 5 days and 5 more days to go! He is going crazy with ” wonder how much?”.  A very exciting time and I am so happy about it. This could not come at a better time. I think that a holiday for us would be awesome. A warm climate on a beach with the drinks flowing! Wish him luck.. Until next time…

skin – [PF] Elly <Honey> – Gunmetal/Meow
hair – tram C407 hair / shell&creamyellow
body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
handbag – ::C’est la vie !:: Bettina Bag
glasses – Glamistry – Sunglasses [PU2001]
braclet – (Kunglers) Isis bracelet – obsidian
earrings – (Kunglers) Gaby earring – Citrine
necklace – (Kunglers) Sahara necklace – Golden
rings – (Kunglers) Gaby ring 1 + 2 – Crystal
boots- LFE :: Sophie – Socks & Pumps
skirt – LFE :: Hella Skirt
sweater – LFE :: Hella Sweater

.. time to shop for Christmas ..


on madi
skin-[PF] Elly <Honey> – Gunmetal/Meow
body-Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
eyes-{Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Branch
hair-tram F603 hair / creamyellow&shell
bag-::C’est la vie !:: Ella Bag -hud
glasses-Glamistry – Sunglasses [PU2002] – hud
boots-Glamistry – NEMESIA AnkleBoots [PF1010]
bracelet-(Kunglers) Isis malachite
earrings-(Kunglers) Sampaguita Chocolate
ring 1+2-(Kunglers) Gaby ring Ruby
necklace-(Kunglers) Vatusi Citrine
coat-:;LFE ::Josy Coat CB

Fancy Decor: Tannenbaum items
Fancy Decor: Paper Tree (words)
Fancy Decor: Paper Tree (music)


Fancy Decor: Tree Decorations – Tannenbaum 2016 – ( Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum 2015)
01 Fancy Decor: Tree Lights RARE
02 Fancy Decor: Tree Beads RARE
03 Fancy Decor: Tree Ribbon
04 Fancy Decor: Red Bauble
05 Fancy Decor: Silver Bauble
06 Fancy Decor: Striped Bauble (silver)
07 Fancy Decor: Striped Bauble (red)
08 Fancy Decor: Tree Skirt
09 Fancy Decor: Red and Silver Ornament
10 Fancy Decor: Tree Topper
11 Fancy Decor: Tapered Ornament
12 Fancy Decor: Tassel (gold)
13 Fancy Decor: Tassel (silver)
Serenity Style-Winter Gnome Collection – Whimsical Event
Serenity Style- Winter Gnome Red REZ
Serenity Style- Winter Gnome Glasses REZ
Fancy Decor: Dec Arcade 2016
01 Fancy Decor: Panel Sofa RARE
02 Fancy Decor: Suede Ottoman
03 Fancy Decor: Worlidge Coffee Table
04 Fancy Decor: Throw Pillow
05 Fancy Decor: Worlidge End Table
06 Fancy Decor: Ceramic Jars
07 Fancy Decor: Brass & Statuette
08 Fancy Decor: Panel Mirror
09 Fancy Decor: Worlidge Box (white)
10 Fancy Decor: Worlidge Box (black)
11 Fancy Decor: Panel Rug
12 Fancy Decor: Worlidge Table Lamp
23_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Whipped Cream Coffee Order
22_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Turkish Coffee Order
01_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Coffee House RARE

.. we don’t have to miss each other, come over … sam hunt



:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha @Kustom9
:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha / RARE
:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha {1} bed with pillow and blankets
:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha {2}chair with jacket
:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha {3}wall ladder w/decor
:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha {4}square w decor
:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha {5}box stack with neon catus
:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha {6}photo water ripple

Serenity Style-Nostalgia Collection SHINY SHABBY
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Bench RARE
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Book
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Cabinet
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Decor stool
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Frames
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Rug
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Vase
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Wall RARE
Warm::Twilight:: Nebula Sofa PG
Warm – Modest Bed PG [BOX]@ Shiny Shabby

LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons}@shiny shabby
LB_MapleWood.v1{Seasons}@Ultra event


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