…The best of all gifts is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other…


.gypsy heart. Festive Backdrops – Christmas Lights B – Tanenbaum
Trompe LoeilThe Arcade
Trompe Loeil – Lit Branch + Bucket
Trompe Loeil – Undersea Candleholder
Trompe Loeil – PEACE Letters
Trompe Loeil – Candlebox Centerpiece
Trompe Loeil – White Wood Hearth
Trompe Loeil – Snowflake Deco
Trompe Loeil – Tray with Candles
Trompe Loeil – Hammered Silver Star
Trompe Loeil – Diamond Pendant Lights
Trompe Loeil – Reindeer Wall Hanging
Trompe Loeil – Floor Bells
Trompe Loeil – Snowflake Ornate
Trompe Loeil – Good Tidings Lamp Post
Trompe Loeil – Lantern Trio
Trompe Loeil – Snowflake Sled Wall Decor
Trompe Loeil – Bucket + Lit Pine

Fancy Decor: 2017 Ornament – group gift

pose Label Motion – Stay +

sn00ps fashion
*Dura*B80-MIX C
<kalback> Original Jeans M2 Ripped_Blue
[ VERSOV ] LOPOV_Sneakers_White & Red
::K:: My Daily Sweatshirts Homme Sand

madi’s fashion
alaskametro<3 “Frosting” eyeshadow – Classic/Omega
alaskametro<3 “Macarons” nail polish appliers
-FABIA- Mesh Hair <Taira> Natural Tones
Glamistry: Sunglasses PU2001 w HUD
Glamistry – NEMESIA AnkleBoots [PF1010]
(Kunglers) Simara necklace
(Kunglers) Zion rings –
_CandyDoll_ Anya Pants + Top – Uber


..where ever you are, be all there …


Location: Mystic Fae
pose: Paper Rabbit Pose 13 Curvy

body basics
[theSkinnery] Sona eye collection 7
Navy&Copper – Pineapple
[AK] Kumiko Bento Head NEW GEN Vers. 2.6
alaskametro<3 “Frosting” eyeshadow – Classic/Omega
alaskametro<3 nailpolish Slink/Omega/Eve/Mait
alaskametro<3 “Macarons” nail polish appliers
alaskametro<3 “Solace” face skin Tone 1

fashion details
Mowie. – “Micah” Bag w. HUD
Glamistry – Sunglasses [PU2002] w HUD
(Kunglers) Simara necklace
(Kunglers) Zion rings – On9
_CandyDoll_ Anya Pants – Uber
[BB1] Anne fur jacket
[BB1] Sandale Morgane
JIAN Santa’s Samoyeds 8. Elf Companion – The Arcade

.. do you guys know what to get your boyfriends for christmas? ..

body made simple
[theSkinnery] Sona eye collection 7
alaskametro<3 “Frosting” eyeshadow – Classic/Omega
rezology Low Braided Pigtails
[AK] Kumiko Bento Head NEW GEN Vers. 2.6
alaskametro<3 “OCCVLT” nail art – Maitreya mani HUD
alaskametro<3 “OCCVLT” nail art – Maitreya pedi HUD

fashion details
JIAN Santa’s Samoyeds 8. Elf Companion – The Arcade
Mowie. – “Karlie” Bag w. HUD
Glamistry – Sunglasses [PU2003] w HUD
(Kunglers) Simara necklace
_CandyDoll_ Maria Heels – Dark Colors
(Kunglers) Zion rings – Exclusive On9
_CandyDoll_ Anya Top – Uber
_CandyDoll_ Anya Pant – Uber

… real intimacy depends on truth lovingly told …


Scarlet Creative Highlands Lodge MT Rare – Dec ’17 Arcade

[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Bloggers @Imaginarium
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Pine Cone Candle
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Tree Lamp
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Bottle Candle Holder
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Branches & Cones Centerpiece
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Contrabass Bar (RARE)
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Contrabass Cabinet
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Golden Vase
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Heart in a Bottle
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Mason Jar Candle Holder
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Pine Cone Ornament Red – GOI
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Pine Cone Ornament White – GOI
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Red Vase
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Rolled up Letters
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Teapot Windchime
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Vintage Keys Cloche


Fancy Decor: Miles Collection – The Arcade
01 Fancy Decor: Miles Bed RARE
02 Fancy Decor: Armoire RARE
03 Fancy Decor: Miles Side Table
04 Fancy Decor: Modern Chest
05 Fancy Decor: Radiator Console
06 Fancy Decor: Hammered Mirror
07 Fancy Decor: Glass Lamp
08 Fancy Decor: Claw Lamp
09 Fancy Decor: Metal Sculpture
10 Fancy Decor: Miles Rug
11 Fancy Decor: Inky Artwork
12 Fancy Decor: Travel Clock
13 Fancy Decor: Catch-All
14 Fancy Decor: B&W Art
15 Fancy Decor: Arrow Curtains
16 Fancy Decor: Open Magazine
17 Fancy Decor: Miles Slippers

Fancy Decor: Annular Clock Gold with beautiful chimes – FaMesHed
MudHoney Larson Fireplace – White – Tannenbaum Dec ’17
Second Spaces – Homemade Holiday – handwritten gift tags – Arcade Dec ’17

.. worn materials add warmth and history ..

“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” ~ W.T. Ellis

“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand” – Dr. Seuss

.gypsy heart. Festive Backdrops – Wrapping Mayhem – Tannenbaum
*HEXtraordinary* Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree Light – Frosted – Tannenbaum
JIAN ‘dorable Danes 6. Harlequin Companion Pup

pose -Sari-Sari – FP01-b (bento)

body basics
[theSkinnery] Sona eye collection 7
[AK] Kumiko Bento Head NEW GEN Vers. 2.6
alaskametro<3 “Fit” Omega body applier
alaskametro<3 “Solace” face skin Tone 1
alaskametro<3 “Macarons” nail polish appliers
alaskametro<3 “Frosting” eyeshadow – Classic/Omega

fashion details
*The Mystic*lolita X`mas Dress – Tannenbaum Event
[RA] Stella Hair – Tannenbaum EVent
Glamistry: Sunglasses PU2001 w HUD
Mowie. – “Elsa” Earrings
_CandyDoll_ Carolina Heels – Dark Colors



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