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… LOTD 1.23.23 …

… lead the way …

… my dream space …

… never again ….

… walk, breathe, pray…

Rivers of blood and tears are flowing in Ukraine. The war must end now.

“We’re All Screwed Up In One Way Or Another. It Sort Of Makes You Normal.”

.. Dream of Extensive Travel…

… the best view comes after the hard climb ..

… mindset > skillset …

… Yea no, I’m not buying it …

… be open to different …

… magical light …

… Yorkie …

.. cider anyone? …

… failure is a lesson learned…

… Grace …

… I can’t deposit excuses …

..girly stuff…

… Deby …

… girl stash ..

… sharing Christmas via Skype …

… spreading cheer …

… donut affairs …

… what’s my next move? ..

..believe in your dream and your ability to make it happen..

… Limited Edition store event …

… do you think they notice? …

.. things are looking up..

.. often in my thoughts ..

.. keep whimsey in your life ..’s not a race as long as we get there ..

…Opportunities are rarely offered; they’re seized…

.. I don’t have to be perfect to be amazing ..

.. witch kit..

.. I need a glass ..

.. I’m holding on to the last of the warm breezes ..

… London ..

.. nope, not eating it..

… if you stumble, make it part of the dance ..

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“Art is nothing more than creating an emotion in your own form.” ― Shannon L. Alder


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