Image the end of the path..




Easter- Flower Cross Group Gift 2013
 Skye - Enchanted Woods v2 – 2 (path)
*~MMG’s~* Garden wall_30m [blocks]
*~MMG’s~* Wall with hedge_9.8m [blocks]
LISP - Mesh – Bluebell Fence with Posts – Pine
{A} Gypsy Wagon*NEW*
{A} Gypsy Rocking Chair *NEW*
[CIRCA] - “Pomme Pour Moi” – Beanbag Chair – Granny Smith *NEW*
Aphrodite “Spring” Picnic Table and all on it @ the Kollective *NEW*
{A} Animal Specimen – Cardinals *NEW*







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…p0p! a wheelie! ….


his bike

                                                                                                                                                                On Him

Fruk The Chin beards – free group gift
Xtreme-Style ” Dead Style” tattoo
Dura-Game-02(Dark Brown)
Fruk Bennett Shape + skin
[Gos] Custom Eyewear – GOSCAN [LOADED]
RYCA -  braclet and Ring
<kal rau> Key Chain V.I.P Member Gift-green
*chronokit* Parachute Sarouel Pants Beige
Evisu Polo STRIPED - Customized Request created by Cali Souther

her bike

On Her

{Dead Apples} Broken Glass – Coffee
Mstyle Lashes – Ordinaria
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
EarthStones Wedding Rings – Destiny – Gold/Hers
.:Glow Designs:. Paris Earrings Silver
.:: X-TREME Vogue ::.Katy Tunic Mini Dress Cream
::DS:: Kendall.Mahogany.Stratosphere (V)
::Duh!:: Straw Flower Slippers Tan – Wear/Add Me
{PixelGeek} Chained Collars Gold RLV
{.::GFD::.}~ My Apple Eyepatch [BloggersPack] – Apple of my Eye Hunt
.:Buttery Toast:. Stripey Socks and Skulls for Suicide Dolls Event
[THD] Natural Lips @ the Kollective

The Scene

Serenity Style – Clothes Hanging @ the Kollective
Serenity Style- Retro Picnic Set including Rug, Pillows,Box, Table, and Laundry@ the Kollective
vespertine – my little gardening corner/ mint/linked
POST: Old Garden Spigot
Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Mesh House @ Mar Arcade
MMG’s Garden wall_20m [blocks]
Skye Enchanted Woods v2 – 3 (trees)
::FG:: grass field (group gift / 2012)
MMG Ground-< SUMMER > 30.5m(32x32x2)_[blocks]
/ XIAJ x ZZANG / Rust Metal Bike + wine HIS AND HER


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.. If I could only hear your thoughts…

.. If I could only hear your thoughts...Have you ever wondered what someone else thought about when your not with them? Or, even when you are. I think about it often, maybe to much, what my love is doing at any given time during the day. I’m not sure why it happens, but I can be in the middle of simple nothingness and all of a sudden I’ll think, ” I wonder what he is doing…..” I once thought that was something a young crush would do as a teenager. I’m finding that to be a silly thought. I think if you love someone, or even care enough about someone else other then yourself, you think about them and wonder do they think of me? It’s no wonder this picture reminds me of that habit of mine, thinking about what he must be thinking about. LOL I realize that sounds, well.. silly. But to me it’s one of those a ha! moments about myself that seems to be coming out in the photo’s I take. Enough about me, and my thoughts. Until next time…

Location: Neva Sky

Poses by : Diesel Works – March Group Gift

Beard: Fruk The Chin beards – Free goatee+ face fuzz – The Chin – heavy
Tattoo: Xtreme-Style ” Dead Style”
Ears: [MANDALA]Stretched EARS-hole size 5
Hairbase: AITUI – Hair Bases – Monumentum – etched 001
Hair: Dura-Game02(Dark Brown)
Fruk Bennett Shape – with brows + skin shade 4
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 – AVIATOR [loaded]
Jewelry by Milady’s -The Catcher- Onyx/Gold Man Bracelet
[MANDALA]Sagarmatha Necklace Gold-male
!gO! Maccloy Kilt
<kal rau> Plaid Shirt M4 RED
*REDGRAVE* Survivor-Boots Cotton -Camel


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..madi likes Arcana + Lark..



{A} Shabby Chic Desk + Chair[not shown] @ The Shabby Chic Hunt – Hurry! the hunt is almost over!
{A} Animal Specimen – Cardinals for The Grab Your Eggs Before They Poof Hunt
{A} Dead Nature Screen Panel @ the March The Feeling event
Lark – Aller Stool – Fifty Linden Friday offering now found @ Lark
Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge @ The March 2014 Arcade - Hurry! Almost Over


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…a space to unwind…

I have been shopping and shopping and shopping for 3 weeks now. I started out at The Arcade, then off to all those yummy yard sales, onward to The Men’s Dept,  a right turn to The Feeling,  made a virtual left to The Kollective and finally ended my shopping spree at Collarbor88! Say THAT in one breath LOL! I did not buy everything in site, well ok… if I was being honest, mostly everything I wanted I was able to purchase. Now I want to decorate! I can’t wait to start rezzing one item at a time. I usually have a sketchy idea in my head of how I want a room to look, but I never know how the room will develop until I start pulling stuff out of  my folders. I did sell and give away quite a bit this month just to clean up my inventory. I am obsessed with keeping it below 8000 items and only keeping items that are super duper low in primage. Unless I LOVE it, like my LISP piano’s[25 prims], I’ve either deleted the item from my inventory or give/sell it away to someone else who many want it. I also try to mix and match my older items with newer released items. There are tons of blogs out there that show all the newest items before I even get a chance to go see the stuff. But then you never see that stuff again. I try to pick items that aren’t going to fade off in a distant memory once I blog them, rather I collect items I know will make me happy every time I rez them.
I also had the opportunity to try a new shape and skin. I am always hesitant to change my shape. I am not a big fan of the funny spread between the legs with an ass as big as the Lincoln tunnel all the while my tits are bouncing like a basketball across the court. But I gave Panda Punx a try. It came with every applier possible. Boobs, Ass, Feet,  and Hands. I really resent that I have to buy all these body parts separately. If it wasn’t for several pairs of shoes that I REALLY wanted, and were ONLY available for Slink Feet,  I would of never made the leap forward. So, now that I have mesh Medium and Flat feet I thought well ok, why not try a new shape/skin. I have to say I was surprised how cute Harlow turned out to be. I did not modify her yet, so what you see in the picture is what you will get. I prefer to be a bit taller, not HUGE but just taller. Did you notice my adorable Candy Doll sandals? Who could resist 50% off at the new Slink Sim for a limited time. Not me! HAD to HAVE. Please see the details below for all these worthy items below. Until next time…
.:Panda Punx:. *NEW* Body Shop Harlow Shape,skin and appliers
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
-{ZOZ}- Pink Pearl Spring Polish (Slinks)*feebs room* Gatcha
AITUI TATTOO – Heart   [Fresh]…
TRUTH HAIR Astrid -  browns
{Dead Apples} Eyes Mesh Broken Glass – Coffee
Candy Doll Sandals @ the Slink Sim 50% off for limited time
Delirium Style
/ XIAJ / Mirjam Satchel (heracross)
Zaara : Atiriya stone necklace *onyx*
[MANDALA]Chunkeey_Jewelry_Set_24k GOLD
eternal dream sweet baby 04 pose @ the Kollective
The Loft – Worldmap Frame 1-6 old Group Gift
Serenity Style- Manolya Dreams Radio @ The Kollective until end of March
LISP - Funky Lispette Record Unit – touch cushion for texture/sits
EoD Telescope/wAnimations
Trompe Loeil - Ines Floor Lamp Tan Diamonds
LTD Digital Gramophone (Copper) Group Gift
AF Preserved Poppies
tarte. wine light (medium)
.:Standby Inc. – World Tour – Drum Stool (Rez and Sit) older Arcade item
{vespertine-  tall broken birdcage/metal} RARE older Arcade item
LISP - Closed Grand Piano with sits – Chestnut
*Second Spaces* craft room – ribbons older Arcade Item
<:*BoOgErS*:> Art Set Mingle Gift
{A} Amish Chair and Desk @ The Feeling and as a [sidebar] it comes in Natural – available at 0L$ in an unique hunt gift only for The Retro Hunt, not for sell after the hunt.
Sari-Sari - Assorted Mail
[Commoner] Chatterbox / “Would You Rather” @ FLF
floorplan. typewriter gacha / red older Arcade item
*Y’s HOUSE* Rug_Linen006(White border/FUTO)_b
Zaara [home] : Ikat dhurrie rug *beige* @ March Arcade
[CT] Ouija Board
MudHoney Ophelia Basket
POST: Antique Bellows
POST: Iron Poker
Second Spaces - portable mantel @ previous FLF
LISP - Urchin Speakers – Dark Wood
{A} Retro Turntable – Cherry
Zigana  antique abacus
Scarlet Creative Work Live 1 @ March 2014 Collarbor88 shape and skin..


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…in the quiet moments I listen to our songs..


I am back from vacation and feeling like every other vacation I’ve been on, I need more time. I wish I had another week or two off from the world of work, work, and more work. I have some items to share with you from the Arcade and Arcana Antiques. I was able to get into the Arcade once, imagine?, but I had to leave and couldn’t stay very long at all. I was lucky enough to get Scarlet Creatives Mountain Lodge! I was so over the moon, as soon as I left the Arcade I had to rez it to see what it looked like! I was not disappointed! It’s wonderful in size. The textures are exquisite and I will be blogging from each corner in the days to come.  It’s probably a good thing in the end that I had to leave the Arcade early because I really enjoy shopping the yard sales. So many places to get a buy or that rare item that you don’t mind paying a little bit more for. Now I said a little bit more, and that’s what I look for, a little bit more. I  just don’t support the seller that jacks up the price to crazy land pricing.  Today, I spent most of my day going through my inventory trying to figure out what I want to keep, what I’m willing to sell/trade, and how much should I ask for the items I’m selling. I found a few items that I’d give away but mostly I’m selling items for half the price here.

Arcana Antiques is a really nice shop that I recently discovered. I really love the details of the items Morgan, owner of {A},  creates especially in this Vintage Jukebox and record set. The primage is super low and at a great price. The Jukebox is only 125L @ the main store and the records are Gatcha Items for 35L per play. Very fair.  The shadowing is also a favorite of mine, really dark and noticeable making a difference in how each piece stands out as it lays on the floor.

Until next time…

{A} Vintage Jukebox – last months The Feeling event now available @ the Main store
{A} Vinyl Records Collection – Mothership – Gatcha 35L per play
{A} Vinyl Records Collection – Abbey Road- Gatcha 35L per play
{A} Vinyl Records Collection – Bat out of Hell- Gatcha 35L per play
{A} Vinyl Records Collection – Sgt. Pepper’s- Gatcha 35L per play
{A} Vinyl Records Collection – Saturday Night Fever- Gatcha 35L per play
{PiPo} Little Sweet Treats <Ribbon Candy> - The Arcade
AF Calla LiliesMarch 2014 Arcade
AF Reading Pile- March 2014 Arcade
Trompe Loeil - Ines Weave Screen White Illustrated last months Fameshed now @ main store
Trompe Loeil - Ines Floor Lamp Red Diamonds last months Fameshed now @ main store
{vespertine – green suitcase books}- March 2014 Arcade
{vespertine – bookstore chair -calm }- March 2014 Arcade

Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Mesh House [Rare]- March 2014 Arcade


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…madi LOVES a vacation!…

I am expecting company as I write this. Their plane has landed safely and I am waiting for them to come down the escalator in the baggage claim area. I do wonder how my Californian guests will feel about ALL this snow and cold in New York. Consequently, I will not be writing until next week.  Don’t forget to stop by The Feeling event. you can find all the new about it here. My favorite items are from Arcana of course. I just love the jukebox with all the detailing and low primage. Yano how I love THAT. Soon the Kollective will be starting with a new theme and designers. You can read about it here. I am off! Until next time…

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