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.. blow minds not guys ..

.. hussle + heart will set you apart ..

.. I don’t have to be perfect to be amazing ..

… You get in life what you have the courage to ask for …

…don’t be afraid to do something big…

…all of life’s stuggles get worked out in the tea house ..

.. ladies tea house ..

.. you always attract what you believe your worth ..

..I’m not ashamed of my girly goals ..

… Guesssssss whooooo’s baaaaaaaack?….

…To see a change, you need to become a living, breathing asset to everyone you know and a true advocate to everything you believe in…

.. babywait ..

“If you’re not happy, that’s your fault.”

“Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself.”

.. make more moves, less announcements ..

.. we rank 45! .. Thank you everyone for the support! ..

.. 2020 Glam it up 2! ..

.. 2020 Glam it up! ..

.. all nighter after the ball drops ..

.. tomorrow, we drink to a New Year! ..

.. Amelia ..

.. let’s break bread ..

.. look after your mind just as much as your hair .. better not pout, you better not cry, just figure it out, and find out why ..

.. dear 2020 I’m coming to slay ..

.. social media notifications are good; payment notifications are great ..

..VAGRANT -Advent Calendar .. December 1st – 24th…

.. ZK Advent Calendar.. December 1st – 31st..

.. all I need is wifi and a dream ..

.. what you focus on will create more of it in your life ..

..thank the haters: they gave you thick skin …

.. explore Bartertown ..

.. Christmas tree in mulitples ..

.. his coat is my warmth ..

… It’s begining to look alot like Tannenbaum …

… The thing is…Your opinions don’t pay my bills …

.. laugh together as much as possible…

.. wake.. pray.. slay..

.. inhale intention – exhale self doubt ..

..If someone else can do it, there is absolutely no reason you can’t do it..