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Recently, I joined a FB group that highlights and shares landscaping, building and decorating ideas for SL. I find it fascinating topic! My first love in SL was decorating. I couldn’t get enough of it. I changed our home so often Andy would say to our friends ” I never know which house I am going to land at” LOL …” all she does is mess mess mess!”. And for the most part, that was true. I was on a quest to learn. Then, as a natural progression I wanted to take the best photo’s. Of course, of decorating. I applied and blogged for as many home. décor. designers I could. I did in fact land some awesome sponsors! Then this thing happened, I wanted to keep what I had created but couldn’t because we didn’t have enough prims to support our home AND blogging home landscaping and décor LOL. Go figure. The time lines were difficult and I always wanted to blog each new release. Creating “scenes” ideas started to come to me less and less, I eventually stopped blogging home décor and began blogging fashion.

Now, all these years later, I find myself back into craving home décor on a much grander scale. I am landscaping and creating home décor for others! I’ve been doing the work for free, to get the experience and build my reputation. I’ve been out of practice so my confidence was shaky. Now, via word of mouth, I have been working pretty regularly. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. It is thrilling when the client loves what you’ve done. It’s quite another when they do not. I’ve learned to ask key questions, inquire deeper into the “wish list”. I’ve missed the mark a few times because I didn’t clarify the wants and needs. It’s always a good policy to ask 3 key questions. 1. What is vision, do you have examples? 2. How many prims did you want to spend on your project? 3. What is your budget? As I grow more experienced I’m sure there will be more added to THAT list.

I have noticed a trend in pre decorated homes/skyboxes/landscapes. Everything is all set up, you can go choose the “package” you like, pay for it, and it is set up on your land! What a concept. I’m not ready for that. I’d rather go to the persons home, get a feel of the land, and work off the desire list as I create what I think will fit the bill. It takes me a few tries. I often start and delete and begin again. But the satisfaction I feel is incredible. When I hit the mark that is LOL! I only take on one job at a time because I love it. I don’t want to be distracted while I am in the zone creatively until I am done. Here are a few photos from my latest project. The client wanted me to incorporate her home and outdoor seating. The dock had to stay as well. Add a hammock and Tiki Bar – the rest was up to me. Theme: Beach, open sailing sim. Until next time ….

Overview of whole parcel
The parcel was small and odd shaped, but the location was brilliant
I always try to incorporate levels and light if I can even in small ways
creating small moments adds to the “feel” of the home
I love adding “life” and “sound” to the home creating that warm feeling while visiting

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