.. comfortable enough to lean on each other ..

.etiquette. Jerome Shirt Stone JAKE NOT HUD@The Epiphany
.etiquette. Jerome Pants Pattern7/ Jake@the Epiphany
* SORGO – Bay Shades / BLACK (SG)
[monso] My Hair – Min /Black Brown

pose: CnS e-motion – Lean (mod/copy) – no longer available

.Olive. the Libra Hair
GENUS Project – Genus Classic Face
Egozy.Oasis Eyes @UNIK
Egozy.Jolie (Pack)GenusProject(Golden) ** New Release***
KUNGLERS – Elena ring
AVALE Savanna – UniK Event


West Village Pacific Patio Fatpack
West Village Patina Urn – Whitewashed, Capped
West Village Pizza Oven – Limewash Brick
West Village Pizza – Pepperoni
West Village Pizza – Mozzerella & Basil
West Village Pizza – Margherita
West Village Cala Cane Chair, Olive Stripe – Adult
West Village Atlas Fire Pit – Hammered Bronze
West Village Fall Parasol – Yellow
West Village Champagne & Merlot

Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal
Apple Fall Holyoke Dining Bench – Aged Oak
Apple Fall Holyoke Dining Table – Aged Oak
Apple Fall Pinecones & Hazelnuts

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