… nothing says holidays more than decorating the tree ..

windlight: Jay BattleScars 17.0 – Arrecife (Pure BattleScars)
backdrop: [NYNE] Backdrop – Forest Room.THE CHAPTER FOUR

Legal Insanity – Quincy sweatshirts
Legal Insanity – Usher sweatpants.EQUAL 10
Native – Life Sneakers
Damselfly -Louie w.bandana

in hands: MH Antique Tree Topper RARE.TANNENBAUM and
FD & Commoner: Modine Scalloped Ornament (Tapered A). TANNENBAUM
Bee designs Cute Santa 1+2. TANNENBAUM
01. ACORN Miniature Penguin Parade -Angel.ARCADE
03. ACORN Miniature Penguin Parade -Cozy.ARCADE
Raindale – Holiday tray – Arcade gift
FD & Commoner: The Modine Ornament Collection – ON TREE @Tannenbaum Event
Botanical – Douglas Fir Christmas Tree for Tannenbaum
Refuge – Winter Scene Twinkling Stars. TANNENBAUM
MH Scattered Stars.TANNENBAUM
Serenity Style– Cutie Christmas Ornaments.Tannenbaum
Loft & Aria – Julian Console table, lamp,flower print,ottomans, and books. Group Gift Dec 2018


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