.. a little ole place where we get together ..


Scarlet Creative Harry Pottering Shed @ collarbor88
[ zerkalo ] Darius Ornamented Sofa @WLRP
[ zerkalo ] Bernard Sofa @Fameshed

[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Bloggers @The Gacha Garden
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Guitar Lamp
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Guitar Table
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Guitar – RARE
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Jazz Neon Sign – Blinking
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Life is Jazz Sign
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Music Neon Sign – Blinking On/Off
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Musical Notes – Light
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Record Clock
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Record Player Stand
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Record Table
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Recordplayer – Red
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Rug
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – The Beat Neon Sign – BlinkingOn/Off
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – The Voice of the Soul Sign – GOG

[ zerkalo ] Bar Z – Bar Counter (RARE) @ Kustom9
[ zerkalo ] Bar Z – Beer Tower
[ zerkalo ] Bar Z – Vodka
[ zerkalo ] Bar Z – Wine
[ zerkalo ] Bar Z – Wine Rack
[ zerkalo ] Bar Z – Shot Glass
[ zerkalo ] Bar Z – Stool


all items below are from the Salem Event

[Commoner] Trick-or-Treat Buckets click to change color
[Commoner] Trick-or-Treat Bucket / “…Creeping It Real” (rez)
[Commoner] Trick-or-Treat Bucket / “…Haunt It” (rez)
[Commoner] Trick-or-Treat Bucket / “…The Boos” (rez)
[Commoner] Trick-or-Treat Bucket / “…Treat Yo’self” (rez)
[Commoner] Trick-or-Treat Bucket / “Witch Better…” (rez)

[Fetch] Moloch Bedroom Set Gacha
[Fetch] Moloch Bedroom Gacha – Crystal Balls

Fancy Decor: Creepy Canisters
Fancy Decor: Beetle Canister
Fancy Decor: Owl Canister
Fancy Decor: Raven Canister
Fancy Decor: Skull Canister
Fancy Decor: Snake Canister

Fancy Decor: Exorcism Kit
01 Fancy Decor: Exorcism Kit RARE
02 Fancy Decor: Last Rites
03 Fancy Decor: Closed Book
04 Fancy Decor: Holy Water
05 Fancy Decor: Pewter Candlestick
06 Fancy Decor: Small Chalice
07 Fancy Decor: Wafer Tray
08 Fancy Decor: Table/wall Cross

MudHoney Sanderson Set
MudHoney Pumpkin – BW Stripe
MudHoney Pumpkin Owl
MudHoney Sanderson Pillow – Stripes
MudHoney Sanderson Pillow – Stripes
MudHoney Sanderson Pillow – Diamond
MudHoney Sanderson Pillow – Cross
MudHoney Pillar Tea Lights



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