… simplicity by the sea …



:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha@Kustom9
:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / RARE
:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha /bench w pillows {1}
:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha /table w drape cloth {3}
:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / {4}
:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / wall lamp w.plug{2}
:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha /framed photos {5}

Serenity Style-Midnight Summer set TRES CHIC (and SLB13 gift)
Serenity Style.- Midnight Summer Candles
Serenity Style- Midnight Summer Dock
Serenity Style- Midnight Summer Couples Cushion
Serenity Style- Midnight Summer Single Cushion
Serenity Style- Beach Pin gift SLB13

~BAZAR~Crete-Full set @ Shiny Shabby
Crete-Door decoration
Crete-Basket 01
Crete-Basket 02
Crete-Basket 03
Crete-Potted wall tree (left)
Crete-Potted wall tree (right)
Crete-Stool table
dust bunny . wanderlust . ivy apothecary cabinet @ June Arcade
Apple Fall Nauticus Shell Vessel (Summerfest Gift)



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