.. HAIKEI Boring Day Gacha .. at Okinawa Summer Festival 2015…


This beautiful RARE is only 67LI. The Boring Day Gacha from HAIKEI is texturally pleasing with wonderful spaces throughout. A lovely combination between cement and wood is very homey. The light play with the shadows on Advance really makes for beautiful photos.


Apple Fall put out this wonderful walk which I just LOVE! I saw in the local group chat ( VERY ACTIVE FOR ALL YOUR APPLE FALL AND SL NEEDS) that he wasn’t so happy with the way the texture’s came out but I think it is just perfect. Most of the greenery is provided by my favorite Garden Grower magician Little Branches! Every release from Cari is amazing, low low Land Impact and so beautiful to use for that realistic feel. The hedges actually came from Apple Fall. Both creators are so fairly priced it’s hard not to make the purchase!



:HAIKEI: Boring day gacha RARE House 67 LI @ the Okinawa Summer Event
:HAIKEI: Boring day gacha {5} bench @ the Okinawa Summer Event
Apple Fall Trimmed Box Hedge @ Apple Fall
Apple Fall Flagstones @ Apple Fall – Customer Gift
LB_CatTail{Cluster}*1Li @ Wayward Event
LB_BanyanTree-v1.1 @ Wayward Event
LB_OliveTree{with Leaves Bands}
LB_HookThorn{Dark} @ Wayward Event


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