HAIKEI ARCADEHAIKEI has created a wonderful lime plaster wall shop with a set that compliments it so well. I love the adorable shop itself, but the shelving and clothes hangers really make the theme complete. I have used tons of previous items from previous from HAIKEI to compliment the shop feel I was going for. Serenity Style has put out a really nice line for spring this month and is showing at several events. My favorite are the spring banner, flower and butterfly hangers. Cute!  Of course I am using Little Branches trees and foliage to compliment my entire area, I just love love love their items. The topiary serves as a nice visual at the entrance along with the sunflowers along the side of the shop building. Also on the outside is EPIA Playground Mouse hole and horse spring. MORE cuteness and from the Arcade Event! Fancy Decor once again has created an awesome wall unit and decor complete with framed triangles, chair and desk accessories. I think FD is the best creator of complete sets for the little spaces that you want to give that “full and homey” feel with the added plus of being most reasonable in price. Until next time…


:HAIKEI: lime plaster wall shop gacha {RARE}/SHOP @ The Arcade
LittleBranches -Amoena1_Potted_Topiary2 @Cosmopolitan
LittleBranches – Amoena1_Potted_Topiary1 @Cosmopolitan
LittleBbranches Amoena1_Potted_A @Cosmopolitan
Serenity Style- Flower Pot @The Fantasy Room.
Serenity Style- Lucky Pot @Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair
:HAIKEI: lime plaster wall shop gacha {8} – sign @ the Arcade
Serenity Style- Flower Pitcher @The Fantasy Room.
Serenity Style- Oh My Owl!
Serenity Style- All About Home Spring Group Gift
Serenity Style- Happy St Paricks Day @Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair.

Serenity Style- Flowers Hanger @The Fantasy Room.
Serenity Style- Butterfly Hanger @The Fantasy Room.
Serenity Style- Spring Bunting RARE @The Fantasy Room.
LittleBranches_Sunflowers_Cluster1.2 @ FAMESHED
LittleBranches_Amur_4seasons+Extras @ FAMESHED
(epia) – Mouse House @ The Arcade
(epia) – Horse Spring @ The Arcade


Fancy Decor: Triangle Print 2 @Cosmopolitan
Fancy Decor: Triangle Print 1 @Cosmopolitan
Fancy Decor: Pallet Desk @Cosmopolitan
Fancy Decor: Desk Accessories @Cosmopolitan
Serenity Style- Sewing Box
Fancy Decor: White Office Chair @Cosmopolitan
:HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / painted papers
:HAIKEI: Warm&Natural /sofa
:HAIKEI: lime plaster wall shop gacha {4} – clothes hangers @ the Arcade
:HAIKEI: lime plaster wall shop gacha {6} – Wall Shevling @ the Arcade
:HAIKEI: lime plaster wall shop gacha {7} – round/square boxes @ the Arcade


:HAIKEI: Warm&Natural /dresser
:HAIKEI: lime plaster wall shop gacha {2} @ the Arcade
Serenity Style- Leprechaun Story RARE @Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair
:HAIKEI: My vintage art studio /stool
Fancy Decor: Wire Chandelier (Dark) @Cosmopolitan
:HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / wall frame + floor pile
:HAIKEI: lime plaster wall shop gacha {3} – ladder @ the Arcade
:HAIKEI: lime plaster wall shop gacha {1} clothes hanger with frames @ the Arcade

xanthe’s Toasty Windlight was used for this series of photo’s



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