… always create a place where there’s a memory …


My favorite part of any home is the front door, or in this case, up to the top of the stairs of this HAIKEI Warm & Natural sky box loft. It sets the tone of what is yet to come. I always try to create a space that when you come to visit you’ll remember how my home made them feel rather then how it looked. In the next few photos you are going to see items from a new designer, Jake Vordun, the owner of Fancy Decor. I saw a notice on flicker that he was looking for new bloggers and honestly, I was drawn to the name that included “decor”. I saved it to my favorites and took a field trip over to the main store a few days later.  All I can saw is WOW! His items are full of details details and more details.  I had told you earlier this month that I was going to apply to blog for designers that I admire even if I thought there was noway they would choose me due to the small following I have. Well, true to my word I applied and I was accepted! I am so proud and very excited to show you the furniture and accessories created by this wonderful new designer.


I have applied to blog for several stores so far. I wasn’t sure if I should speak about who turned me down or should I just talk about the ones I’ve been accepted for. For the most part, the experience has been pretty positive. I’ve been turned down rather nicely and respectively. For the most part when the reject notecard was returned it included some positive feedback on how to improve which I honestly appreciated. Only one person was pretty mean. Simply said, “I checked you out and its a NO!”.  At first my ego was bruised, then I got a response from Fancy Decor and all was forgiven LOL!  I will keep you up to date as my efforts progress.


Recently I saw a poll about Gatcha items and so many events featuring so many Gatcha. You can read it here. I have often spoke to the fact that I stopped going to the “event” itself and bought most of the items I wanted at “yard sales”.  I was tired of being unable to get into the event when I was online and then having so many extra’s I could never get rid of. My friends often benefit from my shopping sprees but my self imposed budget was getting blown in one fast swoop. I personally would rather just shop at the store instead of an event. On the flip side, the great thing about gatcha is the price. I’ve collected wonderful pieces for my home for very reasonable prices. Until next time …


windlight: JAXBrightSpringDay
build: :HAIKEI: Warm&Natural / Gacha {RARE}skybox *NEW* now available @ Kustom9
: HAIKEI: Warm&Natural sofa / Gacha {3} now available @ Kustom9
sofa pillows: M+S older Arcade item from Commoner
FD: Hanging Filament Lights
POST: Snapp Glogg Service (sm) free!
EoD Wooden Tray
* S O R G O – Tarot Cards
i { DH } Gacha! My Heart TIn Pail *Love Letter* (Wear)*NEW*
Trompe Loeil – Ines Ottoman Charcoal PG
FD: Earth Rug *NEW*
FD: Safari Rug *NEW*
[NikotiN] Ashtray Billard (Black) now available @ The Chapter Four
FD: Nesting Tables *NEW*
FD: Wrought Iron Lamp*NEW*
Dutchie Olea bonsai
bazar floor pillows
AF Sketchbook
{af} Forest Screen
7 – RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard *NEW*
[CIRCA] – “Winter Paris” Love Sign with Light *NEW* @ the Promonade Winter Event
:HAIKEI: Warm&Natural vase / Gacha {5} now available @ Kustom9
FD: Woven Baskets
[we’re CLOSED] bean bag leather brown 1 group gift
*~MMG’s~* 1prim Paper box_BK
AF Books
ISPACHI [Florian] Flipflops – Blue
*ionic* industrial chair v2
bazar Arizona-Books clutter
Trompe Loeil – Projector
!Ohmai: Gerbera Fairy Terrarium
FD: Vase with Branches
FD: Table & Frame Set
Glamistry : RAMONDA Heels
bazar Arizona-Newspaper stand
The Loft – Taylor Side Chair Bone
AF Pillow (Tree)
Zigana Star light .wood
*Y’s HOUSE* [Plants] KOKEDAMA 05(w)[ sadly closed store]
Dutchie Philodendron yearlings
Scarlet Creative Meribel Stool Mod and Transfer
FD: Fireplace
FD: Frame Group (white) now available @ The Showroom
:HAIKEI: Warm&Natural dresser / Gacha {1} now available @ Kustom9
Serenity Style– Winter Wood Frame RARE






3 thoughts on “… always create a place where there’s a memory …

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  2. I think its always a rough thing when designers reject you. Recently I was rejected because one designer decided I had no “significant marketing benefit” with my small group of 700 unique followers. I guess they want a blog of 1000 or more followers. Though I am not sure how they know how many visitors I have w/o asking me. Probably judged me from that stupid google follow me widget on my sidebar..lol. it only has 27 followers on it.

    Usually, I just remember there are more Designers in the great SL sea and where one turns their nose up at you another will happily snag you up. I think the ones who turned you away were foolish. You do wonderful work and I personally love your blog.


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