… L2 Studio Homes located on the Whispering Wind Sim. Open to the public, always …


2015. Wow. Personally, I’ve had a very busy year and my family has grown to numbers that are unbelievable to me. Professionally, just as fun filled and I am very hopeful for a promotion soon.  Romantically, I couldn’t be happier. I love you Andy, my best friend and lover.  I have a bucket list of sorts full of “to do”  I want to accomplish. One item on the list is to organize my blog and the time spent dedicated to blogging. What do I mean by organize? Well, early mornings I will rummage through  my folders and choose what I am going to use in my photo’s. This task alone can be arduous at best, but worth it when it comes to putting outfits together, and decorating my home, usually the backdrop in many of the scene’s I shoot.


I also want to give credit to the wind light creators, Sim owners that allow me to roam freely and pose creators.  I am going to put time aside each Sunday morning dedicated to taking photos. I usually wake up early and very lazy so it is a great day to sit at my computer taking photos to use over the following week. I am going to approach the unapproachable long list designers and creators of items that I just LOVE, but I am also intimated by.  I might be turned down, but I am going to make the effort instead of assuming I would never be chosen!


Consequently I want to make sure I remain loyal to those creators who have taken a chance on me! Lindini Lane of L2 Studio Homes was my first creator that shared with me her fantastic homes! I was introduced to L2 Studio via a hunt. The prize was the small yet adorable home called The Caramel House. I opened the L2 Studio Homes flicker group because I really admired the affordable, creative, small prim count and originally different from other home creators.  Whispering Winds, the Sim where L2 is located is always open to the public and is always meticulously decorated each season. 

My list, is a wish list of course, that I honestly want to accomplish. Let’s see how well I do over the next year. Until next time… 

Location: L2 Studio Dove Bay House + L2 Studio NEW STORE  L2 Studio Homes
Windlight: JaxBlueNightWedding: Jay Tedders Murs

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