…summer dress and decor…


!Ohmai: Summer Flamingo Buddies [Princess] Summerfest ’14
Serenity Style Summer Picnic Set with Texture HUD for table cloth and banner flag
[ keke ] soda – peach current Group Gift
FBD Beach Parasol Sun
Serenity Style Vintage Locker Beach in Four colors with Row decor Set
Soy. Cooler box (white)
Soy. Cooler box (tin)
PILOT – Vintage Tackle Box [RED]
PILOT – Fishing Poles
the Beach Store My Tooby Rezzer
8f8 – Driftwood HAMMOCK
Serenity Style Row Decor Set Safe Sea
8f8 Our Hidden Secret Driftwood Fence
8f8 Our Hidden Secret Bush and Tree

Alouette Wooden Sign

L2 Studio Home – Pardre Island House


**Honey*Soul Summer-Dress-Kay shown in BLue Stripped/Red STripped
Pure Poison Hellen Sandals
Moondance Jewels Gothici Crux Jewelry
Magika – Robin (Brown: Chocolate)
Serenity Style Naiowl Rare with Wing color HUD- GATCHA


From Andy..

Jason Mraz – Hello, You Beautiful Thing


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