…on my birthday.. I will live like I’m dying…


I am obsessed with decorating our home and I have  more beds then anyone should be allowed to own LOL! BUT, I just HAD TO HAVE this one last one by Apple Fall. I didn’t want to pay the 488L @ Collarbor88 but I went for it and I am very happy that I did. The animations are not sex driven, in fact they are rather boring, BUT! look how pretty it is! There isn’t much that I don’t like created by this fine designer, did you notice the fantastic fireplace and dresser cabinet? I also discovered two new designers, one is Serenity Style. I have gathered a few items from this quaint creator of home décor items. In this photo the suitcases, dream,  and washbowl with mirror were from their Gatcha. Adorable and complete with accessories I couldn’t resist putting them out in our bedroom. I really like the brown stripped boxes from Fi’s Creations, another new designer, and you will see more from them in future blog posts. They too create really nice low prim pieces.

On a personal note. May 19th is my birthday. Lately, I have been very reflective about my life, another year gone by. I have many blessings, one is my boyfriend Andy. I met him in chat. Our relationship is a miracle. I don’t think too many people find the one that just fits and compliments themselves. Yet I have. He understands me and can tell when I need to talk or cry or just sit and be quiet together, that last part doesn’t happen to often LOL My Andy is very funny, very perceptive and very kind. He is no pushover and I always feel safe with him. It has not been easy keeping a long distance relationship going, but honestly, it hasn’t been all difficult either. I think when you love someone enough, you put in that extra effort and I have to say, we work very hard at thinking about the other persons feelings and needs.  We make time for each other daily, even if it’s only just a quick note to say what we’re thinking or how our day went. He will always be that one love that I’ve dreamed about since I was a little girl.

More blessings, I have a wonderful family. When we get together we don’t put each other down for the sake of a joke, or pick on each other just to have something to say. Quite the opposite. My son and daughter have their own family’s now and I am very proud of what I have accomplished as a young single Mom. I still have my Mother, my Dad died in 2000. Even though she drives me crazy at times, I am very blessed to still have her around to talk about all those things I can’t talk about with Andy. I also still have my siblings, two brothers and a sister. My siblings are the single set of people that knew me when.. Yano, when I wore that crazy pajama set with feet, or snuck out at night or the times when I taught them how to dance all the latest dance moves.  They knew me when I farted freely and more often then not on them. They remember when I dragged my bed mattress outside on the deck to sleep because it was to hot in the house and when it rained I left it outside and it was ruined. They know things about me no other person on earth could possibly know and yet, they love me. I hope that reading this you will take stock of your blessings in life, even when things look or feel dark.. remember those blessings you do have.   Until next time…

:CP: Sara Birdcage

Serenity Style- Those Dreams Gatcha RARE *new*

AF Pillow (Horse Riding)

Serenity Style- Sweet Luggage RARE *new*

Trompe Loeil – Ines Chair Charcoal PG

AF Stature Fireplace RARE

[ContraptioN] Music Box: Berceuse des Amoureux

Trompe Loeil – Branch Wreath

AF Woodstock

AF Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe *new*

 Fi’s Creations – Basket SUE chocolate – v1.0(2) *new*

PILOT – Princess Dollhouse and all commons

AF Pillow (Tree)

*MishMish* Nostalgia Jewelry Box – Pale Pink

Trompe Loeil – Ines Ottoman Charcoal PG

Trompe Loeil – Ines Floor Lamp Blue Diamonds

AF Annan Bed w/ Curtains


AF Ruffled Rug 2

Serenity Style– Sweet Luggage 3 *new*

tarte. starry mirror (metals)

Serenity Style- Washbowl RARE *new*

Ume tree#1 (Japanese apricot) by Quark Fallen

AF Hatbox (two)

Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Mesh House






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