….the first impression…


Recently I was asked what is my favorite room in our home. For me, its the front entrance.  Granted it is not as sexy say the bedroom, or as functional as the livng room, but it is the one place that sets the tone for the rest of our home. I love a deep entrance, where I can see a good potion of the home just by looking through the front door. I often turn this space into a seating area or small nook and extend as much as I can from the outside in. I love the ivy from Apple Fall. Only 1 prim and it adds a bit of character to the doorway. Until next time…

Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Mesh House

{af} Rural Ivy Cluster #2
::BB:: Wizarding Crucifix Toad
Alouette – Tall Birdhouse (1LI – Mesh)
{A} Animal Specimen – Blue Jay
LISP – Mesh – Victorian Street Lamp Corona – White
*Y’s HOUSE* Vintage Wall hook rack
A.V. Vanite’ Consolle table
Trompe Loeil – Green Glass Buffet Lamp
{sa} Letter Press M
{sa} Letter Press s
AF Frames
[*Art Dummy!] shine. (string lights)
Bazar Toronto-Wire chair (with pillow)
Bazar Toronto-Living room bookshelf 2
Bazar Toronto-Living room chandelier



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