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I am always surprised at the things people create for second life. Sometimes the item is useless except that it is just FUN to own and have. Other times I stumble into are great finds, like this projector set by Arcana. It came with the projector with reel motions, the small table underneath it, the  record player, the unnamed cat( adorable!), tub couch(not shown) and the projector screen. The screen came with 2 different types, my favorite? the media screen. If you don’t know what that is, you can Google, You Tube whatever website you want to visit until your hearts content! Show here is our site acoustic-lucidity.com/pages/index.html  You can own this if you find it! The Audrey Cinema Set – From Arcana is available from 05/10 to 05/31 for The Breakfast at Tiffany’s Hunt as free gift. Until next time…


the details kitchen

donuts, lollipops, marshmallows, pop cakes, bear buns, cookies, and balloons by 8f8
floorplan. vintage egg basket FLF
floorplan. easter egg kit FLF
{what next} Chicken Eggie The Nest Egg Hunt 2014
Alouette – Easter Egg – Floral (Rezzable)
{what next} Easter Cake (chocolate frosting)WNGG
{what next} Easter Cake (pink frosting)LTD GG
-tb- Tea Time – Stacked Cups Arcade
*Y’s HOUSE* [Display] Old pine Table
Lark – Aller Stool FLF
+9 x @i *wood stool – retro old GG
Art Dummy Stool
PILOT – Heirloom Hutch [White]
Alouette – Candy Jar Style 1 – Easter
[CIRCA] – “Nature Hill” Marigold Mini Pot – Easter! The Nest Hunt 2014
Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Mesh House Arcade
POST: Marquette Monitor Top Refrigerator FLF

the details movie side

Trompe Loeil – Dardon Stone Fireplace including Fountain endcaps, and 10×5 paver
The Loft – Verona Armchair 2 Dark Cherry
Trompe Loeil – Home Pub including barstools, beer taps and booze bottles
Arcana The Audrey Cinema Set including, cat, screen,projector,recordplayer,extra reels and tub couch not shown.



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