.. what a surprise!…

.. I have followers!...

O Yes! I have a reader,  a follower, (gasps) a fan! When I started this blog I thought it would be a great way to support my love of taking photo’s, and I realllllllllllly didn’t think people would find what I have to say of any interest to anyone. WELL! I am so over the moon to share with you that I was contacted by a very kind lady about my last post. And Guess What! she lives at Isle of Serendipity, read my post and offered her home as a place for me to visit and experience the sim even for a little while.  Her home is beautiful, as you can see a perfect location, on the edge near water.  I am standing on a bridge looking over to her home,  what anticipation! Hopefully I can go back to take pictures  of the inside soon but I want to that Katey Zeplin for her generosity in opening her home up to me. Until next time….

Location: Isle of Serendipity


{Dead Apples} Broken Glass Eyes – Coffee
Alice Project – Steph II – Streaked Blondes
Glam Affair Skin – Kaelyn – A cold day ( FLF )

EarthStones Wedding Rings – Destiny – Gold/Hers
MG – Necklace – Moon Vine Lover’s Heart
[Gos] – Custom Eyeware v3.2 – AVIATOR
FBD Cosy cowl neck outfit including boots – salmon*New*

Eternal Dream pose 10- Kollective Jan 2014




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