..a visit to Isle of Serpendipity…

..a visit to Isle of Serpendipity...

I saw several pictures taken and posted on flicker in the past few weeks and I knew I just had to go to  the Isle Of Serendipity myself. The sim is super organized and beautifully arranged. Small spots to gather are the added bonus every few feet mixed in with the private residences. I’m not a big fan of the yellow ban lines, but I can understand why the residents use them. Part of the draw of living at the Isle of Serendipity must be the beauty and stupendous views. I could of walked for hours, but I really didn’t have a huge amount of spare time. So I’ll be back again for sure! Until next time…



Location Isle of Serendipity

Animations worn – VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD 3.9b* URBAN MALE AO  V4 U
Fruk  The Chin beards  Fruk face fuzz – Free goatee
Fruk face fuzz – The Chin – heavy
Fruk Bennett Shape
Fruk Bennett skin shade 4 black brows
Gangsta Tattoo (Dark) 4
[Gos] – Custom Eyeware v3.2 – AVIATOR [loaded] cased2
RYCA Cross-J 2 Chain Gold  [M]
Jewelry by Milady’s -The Catcher- Onyx/Gold Man Bracelet
::GB::  loose_belt
..Tonktastic Russian Hat  TonkTastic [ combat military army gear and urban accessories ]
*chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants StripeD GREY
[BuFu] Prod0.7_Mesh_Cardigan_Sweater_FASHION BLUE
*REDGRAVE Survivor-Boots Cotton -Camel
*chronokit* Scarf01 Check Orange*NEW*



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