… Christmas is a time to “Pay it forward”…

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S

I have decided to spread a little Christmas Cheer by offering a little “Pay if Forward” Game! Why? You may ask! Well, I have an extra AF His Sideboard and I’ve been watching the greedy prices on the Rares from each Arcade Event go up up up!  This time, I watched several couples split locations, one stakes out at the Arcade, get there at opening,  while the partner was loading up the goods at a YardSale location via transfer activity.  I’m not against making a few lindens, but this season it just rubbed me wrong. It’s become a commercial greedy enterprise. I am NOT AGAINST THE ARCADE. I love it! I look forward to each quarter seeing the new creations and trying my luck on a machine but  I think its time to get back to being kind to one another, and stop trying to take advantage of ones luck and someone else desires LOL! Including mine! I was lucky enough to get a few of this wonderful sideboard last event.  I gave away to my friends and now I want to give one away to someone I do not know for no other reason other then to be kind. Hopefully! That person will show a little kindness to someone in their life (or randomly) and so on… perhaps.. the world might be a better place.

This is how the game will work. I will post this picture to my flicker and each of you that have read this post can begin to guess a number. YES a number! From 1 – 100. So potentially only 100 people can guess as long as there isn’t any doubles LOL.. You will only have 1 GUESS. Please keep the Christmas Spirit while guessing. The game will go on for 5 days giving everyone a chance.  Here’s another thing about this game, you’ll have to have faith that I am telling the truth about the secret number, appropriate for this time of year don’t you think? I wish you all good luck! AND a very Merry Christmas…

Until next time …


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