..visting the homes of The Loft Home Tour Contest…

visting The Loft Finalists 1

The Loft is sponsoring a Home Tour Contest and it is in its second phase. The finalists have been chosen and they have opened their homes for visitors and Judges alike! I had an hour to spare today while preparing for Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday so I took a gander. The first entry that I visited was decorated by Britain Knave. This home is wonderfully built by [ba], the Summer Cottage and is decorated to perfection.  The same color scheme through out the whole house makes it warm, inviting and comfortable. Each room is decorated in matching beige, white and grey’s.  On the flip side,  that’s what I didn’t like about this entry. Although it is well done, and each room absolutely flows into the next,  I prefer, and this is just me, more color.

visting The Loft Finalists 2

What I like about this entry by ForbiddenBerry Resident is the use of L2 Studio Barton Creek House with it’s abundance of windows in various shapes and sizes. I thought ForbiddenBerry did a nice job on the kitchen, with the Castara Dine In Kitchen. I’ve always wanted to get that set from The Loft myself, but it is 241 prims in total and I’ve never had that many to spare. If the owner of The Loft was to ever re-release the Castara set in MESH I would be first In line!

visting The Loft Finalists 3

I am torn between this entry by Morgan Faith and the next by Zasneny Dubrovna. I really liked the flow from room to room and the use of color with a lot of play with light and dark in both homes. Morgan does something really clever in her kitchen area, she uses FLOORPLAN’s industrial lighting all over the ceiling. Very impressive to see in person. I love the addition of the kitchen floor that Morgan created for the kitchen area separating it from the kitchen table and the sofa and chair in the entry room. This small modification to the AF Scandinavian Barn Home made a huge impact worth seeing.  Zasneny took color to an extreme and I loved seeing this heavily modified home also by AF, The London Apartment. Green Black Brown Orange White, all mixed to perfection. The apartment flows harmoniously from the first into the second floor. I wouldn’t want to judge this contest. All 10 entries are equally deserving of wining.

This contest is a wonderful idea! Imagine winning every new release forever? A bloggers dream! [Although Lofty Bloggers were not allowed to participate] I am so glad that I got to visit each of the finalists homes, all of them! Thank you for opening your home to me. I found a few furniture pieces that I’d like to pick up so maybe we will meet @ The Loft LOL! Good Luck to you all.. Until next time…

visting The Loft Finalists 4

Entry by Britain Knave

The Loft – Frezza Sofa Dove (MESH)

Trompe Loeil – Curio Table Poplar Empty

The Loft – Wireframe Lamp White

The Loft – Beige Floral Rug

The Loft – Neiman Mirror Silver Birch

The Loft – Meid Table White

[ARIA] Rosaria roses flower  arrangement in a vase

AF Woodstock

The Loft – Pillow Holder Coast

ASO! Vintage Drawer(brown)

The Loft – Wareham Sconce

{Haute House} Agnis Baroque Mirror [White]

The Loft – Granite Spheres

MudHoney Ryan Candelabra

The Loft – Drape

floorplan. window shutter / neutral

SImple Dining antique mirrors

[ba] salem cottage

Entry by ForbiddenBerry Resident


The Loft – Milk Pail Stool White

The Loft – Pears in Glass Bowl

The Loft – Apples in Glass Bowl

The Loft – Castara Buffet(Blue/White)

The Loft– Castara Shelf  2(White)

The Loft – Castara Fridge

The Loft – Stefan Clock White

The Loft– Castara Shelf  w Utensils (White)

The Loft – Pickeled  Veggies 1

The Loft – Pickeled  Veggies 2

L2 Convex Hull Prim Kitchen floor

{vespertine- acorn bowl}

{vespertine– pumpkinbowl}

CP White Dishes

The Loft – Pot Deco

The Loft – Castara Stove  Red

The Loft – Castara Kitchen Sink Unit (Blue/White)

The Loft – Sugar Canister

The Loft – Flour Canister

The Loft – Coffee Canister

The Loft – Castara Kitchen Curtain

The Loft – Chalkboard

The Loft – Castara Drapes

The Loft – Pink Planter

The Loft – Flea Market Finds

The LOFT Photo Tree

Entry by Morgan Faith

Scarlet Creative Autumn Reclaim Working Table

The Loft – Steel Fruit Basket

.:SF:. “Xochitl” Sol Wall Art

The Loft – Newcombe Industrial Chair Rusted Sage

{af} Scandinavian Barn

Dutchie beach bag 2 decorational and wearable

[ARIA] Payton shelf unit

The Loft – Storage Box Old Map

[AF] WORLD Globe (Antique)

Trompe Loeil – Oceania Couch Neutrals

Trompe Loeil – Oceania Chair With Pillow Neutrals

The Loft – Strapped Sphere (m)

floorplan. industrial lighting

[ARIA] Vita kitchen  island

The Loft – Wareham Stove Stainless Steel

The Loft – Cook Books 2

[ARIA] Vita deco  toast making accessories

The Loft – Pot Rack Copper Bottom

ARIA] Vita  deco pots large type 2

[ARIA] Vita  six canisters

[ARIA] Vita kitchen unit 2

The Loft – Cookbooks

[ARIA] Vita plate stack

The Loft –  Veggie Crate

[Commoner] Brash Can / Vice (Downers)

Commoner] Brash Can / Vice (Ganja) RARE

[Commoner] Brash Can / Glam (Ex’s Ashes) RARE

[Commoner] Brash Can / Vice (Shrooms)

Dutchie olive oil bottles

The Loft – Cereal

Kitchen floor – Morgan faith

my outfit

{Dead Apples} Broken Glass Eyes- Coffee

Mstyle Lashes – Ordinaria

-UK- Couture tru black hat and hair

-Belleza- FLF Molly skin


AITUI TATTOO – Heart   [Fresh]…


Delirum Style –  Gala Cozy Dress w.HUD/Solid + plaid hud + LOLA HUD

(r)M~Shoe “UggStyle Boot” ~ No.06 (Mesh)


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