…a girl, a dress, and a place to dance..

I love love love a pretty girly dress and Honey put out a set of adorable dresses that I just had to have. I didn’t have to adjust my shape to wear it! While I move there aren’t any of those “cracks” I sometimes see in the armpit or across the hips. And…

I FINALLY got “in’ to the Arcade. I went to each machine of all my favorite items and gave it ONE try. IF I got a RARE YaY for me.. if not? then I tried my luck. Why am I so flim-flam about it? Well, I have been shopping at all the Yard Sales! LOL I pretty much have all that I wanted to collect. Even though I have been gathering for days, I still wanted to my luck at the gatcha machines at the Arcade! There’s something about that place that I am drawn too. I love that old fashioned feel of the build, the gatcha machines are quite adorable all by themselves. I commend the creators. What I hate, sad to say, is the lag. I’ve decided that I was correct with my decision to gather my favorites via Yard Sales and go to the Arcade a week or so after it starts. I’ve been there just before it was about to close and I had the place all to myself. What a JoY that was! Until next time….


MG – Necklace – Moon Vine Lover’s Heart
[Gos] Custom Eyeware – SENTINEL Bagged – wear
*Honey* slip on group gift(older)
/Wasabi Pills/ Melissa Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Chocolate@ the Arcade


Links can be found on the “link to it” page



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