…the play between light and dark…

In my attempt to learn how to take pictures in second life using Firestorm, I find myself loving the play of light in my pictures. My love of decorating our home plays as a backdrop to my first love, photography.  Often, my photos are simply a way for me to journal my time spent with Snoop and friends of chat but also the homes we lived in and spent time entertaining friends. Using Firestorm and all its many preset lighting effects is daunting at best. To many to go threw each time I want to take a picture, I must find a short cut  to my favorites and learn to make my own. Of course this all take TIME a commodity I do not have a lot of.  I would love to hear from you all if you have any sites with writings about this very subject. Sharing is caring if I might dare to say? LOL  I have posted a 3rd, and brighter picture to my Flicker for those that would like to see the items in the photo’s easier. Until next time….study of light II

Scene Location @ madi and snoops home@ Abia

BARZAR GATCHA – Old Case Shelf-Quatro-Shabby[rare]@ 24 event
EoD Telescope/wAnimations
MudHoney Yellow Stripes Bag
[EoD] ModITIONAL Couch*NEW* @ 1 year anniversary party
LD slippers – blue and white
.:EoD:. Laptop
EoD Oak ArtWork
EoD Oak Table
Trompe Loeil – Oceania Chair With Pillow Neutrals PG @ FAMESHED
EoD  Scales Tilted Posh Wood *now on sale*
Trompe Loeil – Advent Calendar French Horn
KittyCats – flo
~*~ Inspired ~*~ Loft Rug @ 24 event
floorplan. a light in the attic
{what next} Charlotte Books -(Summer)
EoD Zen lamp L
EoD Remote control @ HOME THEATER SYSTEM *NEW*
EoD Zen lamp M
{af} Chateau Fire Advent day 6 2012
Dutchie free newspaper
EoD old Keys w/nail @ 1 Year Anniversary Party
{af} Breakfast Books @ The Arcade
Trompe Loeil – Advent Calendar French Horn Christmas 2012
PILOT – Leaning Tower of Pisa@ the Arcade
EoD Bunny book storage @ NEST EASTER HUNT 2013
EoD Wooden Tray @ Shower Acessories SET *NEW*
{af} 1st Day of Christmas – Coffee Maker
Sway’s Coffee Mug LoveLetter
EoD Oak set Cup
[CIRCA] – “Lost Island of Tane” Tiki Vases @ FlUX *NEW*
Toronto-Painters manequen @ BAZAR
{what next} Wimbledon Floppy Hat Decor
[CIRCA] – “Lost Island of Tane” Warrior Wall Mask 2 @FLUX SL *NEW*
[CIRCA] – “Lost Island of Tane” Warrior Wall Mask 1 @ FLUX SL*NEW*
:CP: MapMe Letters – M AND S
AF Preserved Poppies
KittyCatS! ~ Kitty Kibble Food
Trompe Loeil – Oceania Chair With Pillow Neutrals PG @ FAMESHED
KittyCats – flo@ Christmas Hunt 2011

HOME – Scarlet Creative Noelle Chalet Modern


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