… we all need our own space..

... we all  need our own space..

Everyone, male or female, needs a space in the house that is just their own. Do whatever you want in that space. Decorate it your way, occupy it in your way, and mess it up if you want to LOL I love a dressing room with perfumes, soaps, fresh folded clean white towels and a pretty chair to paint my toe nails comfortably. It’s the little special things that make me happy like the EoD Shower Acesssories set. I love how nice it looks with my Pilot nail polish rack and vespertine’s soaps. The set comes linked but once you take off your edit tool you can move each item separately. The detail on all the items just warms my heart and makes me feel comfy inside and in MY own space..Until next time…

madi’s space:
tall laundry basket bazar
Trompe Loeil – Oceania Chair Neutrals PG *NEW*
*Tatty Soup* Cole Curtains.
Towel hanger bazar
*~MMG’s~* Bathroom scale – Posing Stand [Female]_2prim
EoD three towels *NEW*
EoD three rolled towals *NEW*
{vespertine}– pack of soaps}
{vespertine} – lavender orange/wrapped}
EoD Shampoo Red *NEW*
EoD Shower Gel (Exfoliating)*NEW*
EoD Shower Gel (Dry Skin) *NEW*
EoD Shampoo Blue *NEW*
EoD Shower Sponge *NEW*
Sandbridge Entryway dresser second spaces
PILOT – With Love – Nail Polish Rack
PILOT – Chandelier [Gold]
L2 Studio Homes – Shoreline Mini[mesh] *NEW*


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