…his fashion…


If anyone can find designer clothing in SL its my sn00p. Since we’ve been coming into SL 3 years ago he has been on a quest to find good quality designer clothes and I think he’s found it in Trim’s Jacket with Evisu logo on the pockets. The jacket comes with the t-shirt and fits really well without any adjustments in his shape which is rare these days.


The sweats are made by Balkanik 2.o. I think they are sn00p’s favorite creator to date.  If you love Evisu or crave stylish clothes, a visit to Balkanik is imperative! They sell fashion for both men and woman AND give you 15% credit for all your purchases.


Have you seen the new Sandstorm Goggles by RO? wow! They are so detailed and well made. You can picked them up at FaMeshed this month.

his fashion:

Fruk face fuzz – The Chin – heavy

Fruk Bennett shape – ear plugs
Fruk Bennett brows
Fruk Bennett skin Shade 4 Black

Xtrem Style  dead Tattoo
[MANDALA] Stretched EARS-OMIMI Tunnel
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Caribbean Blue

*ARGRACE* Baseball Cap/Back “Curly” ~ (Black)
– .HoD. – The Path To Forgiveness – Male & Female Sizes (BOXED)
[Gos] Custom Eyewear – GOSCAN [LOADED]
RO – Sandstorm – WarTorn – Half Remarkable Oblivion @ August FaMeshed
Trim General Store [Blk&WhtEvisuLeisure Jacket]
BLK 2.0 -HustlaPants [MESH] Black&Yellow
[soreal] – Yellow/Black – Adidas [recently closed]


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